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Four Hand Massage in Thane

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    The two goddesses assisting you with the rituals will ask a series of questions at the beginning of the session; the goal of this step is to find out more about what you really want. Once the goddesses understood your preferences and expectations, it would be easy to adjust the massage session accordingly.

    One goddess will lead the rituals while the other follows; this is a way of performing an Ocean Waves massage. As the hands of your Tantric goddesses flow across your body, you will be able to feel that soothing waves igniting sensations across your nerve endings. The session can also be adjusted so that each Tantric goddess focuses on a particular part of the body. This approach gives a more holistic experience and a rather striking series of sensations. Your body will certainly enjoy being stimulated by two gorgeous goddesses simultaneously.

    When the massage session is performed holistically, you will also find the session to be truly relaxing. This makes 4 hands massage perfect for dealing with stress and even a moderate case of depression. The feeling of having one gorgeous masseuse massaging your upper body while the other focuses on the lower part is truly priceless.